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In the last few years we have advanced to a leading position in the glass pane cleaning branch due to the convincing quality of our systems and the expert competence of our employees.

The most important prerequisite for all surface finishing methods is absolutely flawless cleaning. Residues from drying, water drops, abrasion marks from feed rollers and brushes, re-soiling due to static electricity as well as many other factors have a negative influence on the end product as much as, if not more than the normal glass pane soiling. Due to increased requirements on glass pane purity, the glass cleaning machine has become an essential component on the road leading to the end product.
By interlinking the individual work stations of the machines in practical ways, i.e., adaptation to the prerequisites of the entering glass pane (pre-machined on grinding machines or after long periods of storage, or fresh-from-the-factory, pre-cleaned glass, etc) we are able to overcome virtually every degree of soiling and deliver a glass pane with a sufficient percentage purity for use in subsequent finishing or further processing.

Cleaning of a glass pane prior to surface finishing isn’t the only application which requires such care. The applied coatings need just as much special treatment since they can easily be damaged by conventional cleaning methods. Since it is often the case in a processing line that both, coated as well as "normal" glass, must be cleaned, the respective cleaning processes must be set accordingly.

Heavy soiling requires powerful wash brushes whose bristles, however, could scratch the soft coatings. By combining selected suitable brush qualities with respective mechanical prerequisites, the best possible surface processing can be alternately applied. We have developed concepts that enable us to create the optimal solution for every cleaning need.

Our service is also directed toward achieving the highest quality possible. It goes without saying that this means virtually malfunction-free operation and the quick and easy replacement of wear parts. However, should a malfunction occur, our maintenance service is available for quick assistance. To prevent problems before they even start, we offer maintenance service that manages regular control check-ups, new installation and preventive replacement of apparent weak points.

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