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GTA glass pane cleaning machines have been in use internationally for several decades and have developed a reputation for reliable and problem-free continuous operation thanks to their sturdiness and ease of maintenance.
When the bottom line calls for first-class cleaning and drying of glass surfaces and laying the foundation for a high-end product, the use of GTA glass pane cleaning machines is essential.
The excellent quality of our machines will perfectly manage your most demanding product requirements. Irrespective whether glasses for multilayer glass, vacuum coating, insulating glass, mirror glass or LCD: GTA glass pane cleaning machines are designed in accordance with the respective requirements and manufactured with first-class mechanical engineering design.

We offer glass cleaning machines in vertical or horizontal design, tailored to optimally meet your application needs. The system is equipped with rotating revolving brushes. Upstream are circular brush cleaning units for the removal of extreme soiling, spraying stations for the application of liquid to loosen hard-to-remove substances or for rinsing off grinding dust residues. The galvanised machine frame forms the foundation for the GTA glass pane cleaning machine in both the vertical or horizontal design. All water carrying parts as well as the entire wet area are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel or plastic.

Glass pane transport takes place on corrosion-resistant feed rollers that have been covered with cut and abrasion resistant, several millimetre thick ground rubber covers.
The transport rollers, which are driven by a geared motor and worm gearing, are mounted in pillow block bearing outside of the wet area and are splash-proof. The transport speed in infinitely adjustable. The pressure rollers, which are float mounted in the top section of the machine, are driven by double interlocked spur gears by means of the transport rollers.
The entire top section of the machine can be lifted up by a motor for the purpose of setting the desired glass thickness as well as for maintenance purposes. The top and bottom revolving brushes are motor-driven, each brush can be individually positioned according to its wear. Water carrying nozzle pipes equipped with quick-change nozzle systems are installed for each brush washing zone comprised of top and bottom revolving brushes. Water tanks that can be pulled out on castors, designed to cascade, along with pumps, heaters, float switches, etc. guarantee the supply of both the brush washing zones as well as the spraying zones with wash water from separate water circulation systems.

Drying takes place via a specially developed high-pressure air blast system, enclosed in a sound-proof casing, with intake silencer and intake filter by means of an optimum number of top and bottom air knives, which don’t dry up the water, but rather completely remove the water without residue from both the glass surface as well as the edges. A switch cabinet is provided beside the machine for controlling the motors, etc. and to accommodate the respective control and operating elements. In addition to this there are water treatment units used for preparation of highly pure, virtually conductivity-free demineralised water, circulation systems for the reuse of fresh water, polishing agent processing and application systems in combination with circular brushing stations and heat exchangers for reduction of energy costs. We manufacture and deliver absolutely everything that belongs to today’s modern glass cleaning system.

Our glass pane cleaning machines have been developed to meet the most demanding requirements. Smooth-running continuous operation, corrosion-free design, easy access for maintenance purposes, quick replacement of wear parts.

Working Widths: 400 mm to 3,300 mm
Glass Thicknesses: 0.1 mm to 50 mm
Throughput Speed: up to 30 m/min

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